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December 30, 2007

Shift My Blogging To Wordpress Blog

After I Read This news, I cut and paste from membership of SBF Stated
"I just wanted to share with everyone some of the new developments happening in the blogosphere.
Blogger, aka has a NEW POLICY where:
1. All comments must be from a logged in blogspot user (in other words, a Google account is needed) 2. All links in comments are no-follow 3. All links to external sites (non-blogspot sites) are no longer allowed
Why is this a problem?
1. This means that you can add value there, but you get NO VALUE in return. You will not get a back link from the comment you put there.
2. If you have a blog on BlogSpot, it means that non-blogger users will stop putting comments in your blog (for the above reasons) OR they will have to post as Anonymous, which makes the comments suspicious and of no value. So, if someone praises your post, but is Anonymous, readers might think that you added the comments yourself!
3. This violates the spirit of the Internet and the concept of being "open". Why must we be tied to ONLY This is an unfair practice of a company using its huge size to force users to sign up with them.
See this unhappy blogger: "
Now I Shift My Blogging To Wordpress Blog With URL

December 27, 2007

Internet Marketing Journey Progress

I asking myself did my internet marketing journey at the correct path or at the wrong loop? There is no definite answer to that question. I use my instint, rational judgement and believes to continue my internet marketing journey. I re-cap what I had done so far
1. Created a blog for what I'm interest at - ok
2. Put more effort to my blog with keeping it fresh (update post) - ok
3. Good blog content - still in progress of learning.
4. I had try to create traffic by watching the video but does not achieve the blog traffic. How to create traffic still need to learn.
I'll try to have a good blog content and from there may be can create more traffic to my blog. How to learn to create a good blog content?
Still searching to learn how to create good blog content....

December 9, 2007

Blog Traffic Secrets Videos

Added useful link for my internet marketing journey with video tutorial consist of
Blog Traffic Secrets Videos
1. How to get dozens of links pointing to your blog
2. Controversial traffic tactic
3. Easy to apply linking tactics
4. An overlooked traffic source
5. Bring website hundreds of thousands of visitors
Will Add Again In Near Future
Also click at the Useful Link to watch some video on Thank You Pages.
Enjoy watching!

December 7, 2007

Internet Marketing Journey New Look

Replace my internet marketing blog theme with 3 column type which I think more presentable. So I can insert more links and list at the side bar. A free Ebook title Blogging Cash Course for newbies can be download once you send your email and name to us after re-confirm the sent email. I just want to share the free knowledge material which have and I also feed in through about the Blog Traffic Secrets Videos. The videos will show how to create more traffic to your blog, using linking tactic, traffic source and bring visitor to your blog. Will feed with post more in future. Cheers.

December 4, 2007

Thank You For Your Interest

Thank You! For Your Interest Of,
Free Blogging Course Cash Ebook Kindly Check Your Email To Confirm Your Subscription.

December 3, 2007

Joint Smart Business Formula

On 29th Nov 2007, I joint as a member of Smart Business Formula. Smart Business Formula use video tutorial guide its members how to do Internet Business using the free resourses from the internet. Good video presentation and content guide members step by step show how to use free resources to make money in internet. It require only one time payment to be a membership of Smart Business Formula. So far until now I feel excited! With so many programs I look through and search out, finally now I have actually found one that makes a lot of sense for those who are serious about making money online. Cheers!

November 24, 2007

My Journey To Get Wealth...cont

I need to focus focus focus but on what? Focus on one thing at a time! Presently I would like to focus on Affiliate marketing. Sometimes we though we know the way of doing it by reading some books or tutorial but then realize that we did not know how/where to start. Now I'm in this situation and still find the ignition key to start kick off and drive. Cheers !